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澳门网上娱乐送彩金:Jinniu Fund Company Strength Escorts Investment opportunities in transformation opportunities

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内容摘要: Since 2018, in the face of the ups and downs of the market trend,Wells Fargo Fundas the representative of the old excellentfund company , w...

Since 2018, in the face of the ups and downs of the market trend, Wells Fargo Fund as the representative of the old excellent fund company , with the product performance through the bull and bear bully in the recent selection of the Golden Bull Award, won the 7th Taurus Fund Company Awards. Some of the products managed by well-known fund managers of the Wells Fargo Fund are "absorbing powder". For example, the rich country transformation opportunity fund being issued is under the control of Cao Wenjun, the manager of Jinniu Fund, which has aroused market concern.


In fact, this year is the 20th year for the development of public funds, and the number of fund products on the market has reached nearly 5,000. Faced with numerous products, investors are inevitably confused by the fact that “squandering flowers are becoming more and more attractive”. According to a fund research person in Shanghai, , the investment ability of fund managers and fund companies should be taken into consideration when selecting funds.


In the context of the current stock market adjustment and the scarcity of outstanding fund managers, the funds led by star fund managers have become the “sweet spot” in the eyes of investors. Fu Wenjun, a wealthy transitional manager, has been drafted as a fund manager and has 13 years of experience in investment research. His investment style combines the sharpness of stock investment and the stability of bond investments. He is particularly adept at grasping the wind direction while focusing on controlling the risk of retracement. With excellent performance, Cao Wenjun's fund products have been awarded the "Open Mixed Type Jinniu Fund for 2016" and "2016 Active Hybrid Star Fund" issued by the media.


In addition, the selection of a reliable fund, in addition to the need to focus on fund managers, but also need to back strong fund companies. The Wells Fargo Fund is an outspoken investment player. According to the data, as of December 31, 2017, the equity growth of 9 active equity funds owned by Wells Fargo Fund in 2017 exceeded 30%.


Looking ahead, Cao Wenjun said that Xinji is optimistic about new industries such as new energy, internet of things and artificial intelligence, as well as companies that have reformed and released dividends. With the gradual transformation of China’s economy, some outstanding listed companies that stand out in the improvement of the industry’s competitive landscape will still have very large room for development. At the same time, the Chinese stock market is rapidly approaching mature markets, and high-quality companies that continue to focus on high shareholder returns are expected to become the darling of the capital market.


In response to the current trade disputes and financial market fluctuations, Cao Wenjun believes that for investors in the stock market, the short-term impact is mainly risk appetite. In fact, the impact of the trade war on economic growth is relatively limited, and the liquidity environment There may be a blessing in disguise, and the loosening may be better than expected. The current valuation of the A-share market is at a slightly lower level in the past ten years or so. Investors should take a long-term view and should not be affected by short-term market sentiment.





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